Welcome to Greater Ring Road, 302-bis, 5th floor, apt 50

Welcome to the rather chaotic and disorganised dwelling of the Behemoth Cat. What's with the weird address? It is the address of the haunted apartment from the book:

As you could have guessed by now I am a big fan of the book as well as the illustrations by Alexander Botvinov including some takes on modern news styled to the general Master and Margarita theme.

The content on this website is mostly personal - handy-work (or as they called it here DIY), Cooking, Travel, etc. I am trying to keep work and politics strictly out of it, they have their own sites and blogs.



Kot Begemot.

Drill, baby drill

After yet another hot summer I have bitten the bullet and bought two aircons. They are, however, not the usual UK models, but what is used nowdays in Italy - monoblocks.

Prepping for the Summer

After a major rejig of my office and lab I needed a managed switch so I did one of my favourite mods on an old HP v1920. I replaced the existing Delta 40mm POS with a gigantic 120mm silent fan on the side.


Under the Weather during horrid weather. Time to work on indoor stuff - a Youtuber recording rig.

The weather is horrid and I am under the weather, so I am doing various small indoor DIY until both my cold and the weather outside improve to the point where I can work on the car media system.

All content has been moved

All old content has been moved from foswiki to Drupal. I am fighting with the temptation to sit down and write a couple of scripts which look through the Drupal database to build a semantic net and cross link the articles - similar to what a Wiki does but as offline postprocessing.

Another Day spent moving content

Moving stuff from foswiki to drupal is nearly done. A few more articles and links and all of the old rants will happily exist on the new platform.

Moving them also reminds me of stuff which was either not done properly or has proven to be the wrong approach over the years like, for example, trying to relocate or conceal the surplus USB Ports on the new Isuzu D-Max. So I actually rolled back that one while taking a break from typing.