Another Day spent moving content

Moving stuff from foswiki to drupal is nearly done. A few more articles and links and all of the old rants will happily exist on the new platform.

Moving them also reminds me of stuff which was either not done properly or has proven to be the wrong approach over the years like, for example, trying to relocate or conceal the surplus USB Ports on the new Isuzu D-Max. So I actually rolled back that one while taking a break from typing.

Otherwise... It is quite funny how a lot of stuff which I wrote as far back as 2014 is still valid till this day.

While at it, regardless how much I hate PHP, one thing I have to admit - compared to foswiki drupal is ridiculously fast. It is also a much higher profile target. The websites are already being bombarded with password guessing scripts as well as SPAM registration despite being mostly absent from both Google and BIng indexes.