Some people do it for fun. Some people do it for cost saving reasons. I personally do it:

  • When nobody will do what I want. It's wonderful dealing with "specialists" sometimes. It feels like Meatloaf concert: "I will do anything for 'love'...", but when things get real it becomes "I will not do that.. and that... and that...". So you listen to the experts, thoughfully nod while they explain why this cannot be done and do it yourself.
  • To avoid dealing with contracting logistics. If something involves coordinating 5 different professionals, doing it yourself is less painful than dealing with the schedule of 5 builders. That is especially the case if one of them is a leccy and the other is a plumber.
  • Last, but not least (in fact most recently) is travel. Thanks to Eyjafjallajökull we learned that traveling through Europe by car can be a fun experience. All you need to do is to route from one jacuzzi to another one and from one spa to another one. That however, requires an appropriately fitted vehicle - something you need to do yourself as nobody will do it for you.

In any case let's get to the point. This is organized by topics: