The Beastie and the Croc


The D-Max is the modern equivalent of the original Discovery - The True Go Anywhere Machine (just please, do not get me started about the nappie-wearing current Disco model).

I am now on my second one:

I bought both of them for that purpose - to travel. Good off road, good on country roads and good on long boring drives to get there. Most D-Max models have a very different suspension setting compared to your average 4x4 truck. Toyota, Ford, Mazda are not something you will take on a 2000km trip. Their leaf springs in the back are too soft so the passengers feel like they are on a moving bouncy castle. Compared to them the D-MAX is composed like a large Merc or Audi. This is a result of having very stiff leaf springs combined with high profile "baloon" tyres. The worst thing you can do to it is get low profile tyres - it completely screws up the ride.

It also has a major advantage compared to a Merc, Audio or Chelsea Tractor. You are least likely to be relieved from your keys at gunpoint somewhere in the deepest darkest Eastern Europe (or find it missing from the parking lot). It is simply not on the "juicy target" list.

Over time I did a few DIY projects on the old Beast. Some of these may apply to another car model, some are specific to D-Max 2007-2012. Similarly, I have figured out a few things you will not find in the workshop manual (you can buy that off websites in Australia for around 3$ - they mandate that any car sold has to have it available for a reasonable price).

I have now "ported" (if we apply software terminology) all which apply to the new one, so in addition to the notes on 2007-2012 these describe how to do them on the 2012-2017/2018 models. As there is no workshop manual for the 2018 model in open circulation (yet), some of this required figuring it out by trial and error. I will document what I can - be my guest.