Coeliac Friendly Cousine

Cooking something that is finger-licking tasty and beautifully presented without any flour is not that difficult. If I did not suffer so greatly last time I travelled to France, I would have laughed at the whingeing some of their Paris Micheline starred cooks put up when the implementation of EU Directive on Allergen food labelling became mandatory. Yeah, I know, they had to whinge. You have violated the sanctity of "Le Sauce" and you shall die. It is a mortal sin on par with violating the sanctity of the queue in England.

In any case, all of the recipes on this site are quite easy and suitable even for an inexperienced cook. They are also very low effort - I have a day job writing software and I neither have the time, nor the helpers who are paid under the living wage and spend 12 hours a day in the kitchen. On average you need 5-10 minutes of actual labour for any of these dishes. This does not account for the time things spend in the oven, on the BBQ or the microwave as you can go and write some code or attend a teleconference during that time.