Media System

The most common feature of media/entertainment systems for a car is that they all suck. The suckage is multifaceted, universal and omnipresent in anything you find on the market:

  • Attempt to integrate to the car stereo. Sorry, I am not dealing with the choice of Attenborough vs Hunger Games from the driver seat. The stereo in the front is MINE. It is like making the pilot in a 777 chose the entertainment for the passengers. The back seats get their own entertainment, controls and headphones for it and that's it.
  • Ability to read at most 2TB of media. Even with the best transcoding 2TB is not that much.
  • Having USB and other extra inputs as ugly warts and only ancient composite video as something properly integrated. This is in the realm of stupid and is a consequence of trying to integrate to the stereo.
  • Having abismal ugly UI for any file media (hello August, this is your TVs I am thinking about).

I used a repurposed laptop as a media system during my first trips around Europe. At some point the state of technology made a car TV or a repurposed tablet a better choice. That is no longer the case, we are now back to the point where a media system built out of general purpose computing is light years ahead of the various specialized gadgets.