All content has been moved

All old content has been moved from foswiki to Drupal. I am fighting with the temptation to sit down and write a couple of scripts which look through the Drupal database to build a semantic net and cross link the articles - similar to what a Wiki does but as offline postprocessing.

I will desist for the time being as there is plenty of other stuff to do. First of all, all of the content needs a check and a once over to make sure it is still valid and has moved correctly. Second, while the weather does not allow to work on the D-Max, I can still build most of the new media system on my desk. I got nearly all the pieces to start building a new media system for the new truck and the summer travel season.

For now the weather is still too cold to work on the other project du jour which is retrofitting airconditioning, but that is still on the menuy as well - at least as far as planning goes. Though planning anything which does not rely on components which are not already in stock by the 29th of March is frankly in the realm of "lunatics have broken out of the asylum". Prices are unknown, regulations are unknown, availability of contracting labour is unknown. In fact the only thing which is known is that everything is unknown. Go and try to plan versus that.