Youtuber Recording Rig

I can't believe I am writing this as I am not a great fan of GooTube and some of its denizens. However, the daughter commanded that she wants a recording rig and when SHE commands, we, the mere servants obey.

Recording something you do for upload is an interesting problem. When you browse through GooTube, nearly half of the recordings are rubbish (this will be a polite way to describe it). The camera is shaking, the angle is wrong, the light is wrong - you name it.

So when the daughter commanded that she wants to record how he does some of her art to upload I had to stop and think for a while: "What would I McGuiver into a recording rig?".

That is when I had a light-bulb or to be more exact work-light moment. There is a perfect candidate - magnifier work-lamp.

I happen to have a couple of these from the days when Maplin used to sell them. Once the lens has been removed, it is fairly trivial to glue a strip of acrylic across the opening and mount the camera on that. Perfect light, virtually no shades, can be manoeuvred into any position. It is strong enough to be used with anything from a webcam, through a dedicated camera module, phone or even a proper camera.