Worklight Surgery

This was a relatively simple, albeit tedious operation:

  • Remove the cover of the worklight lamp (holds the lens as well).
  • Cut a circular piece of 30mm acrylic with the same diameter as the lens. In fact, it does not need to be circular as long as it fits well in place instead of the lens.
  • Cut a 32mm hole in the middle to accommodate the camera optics. This is probably the most annoying part. While cutting perspex is difficult, drilling large holes in it is nearly impossible. So I just marked the hole with a 30mm drill bit and used a heated knife to do the actual cutting.
  • Glue a bracket for the camera to the acrylic (vandalized from a spare Ikea furntiure bracket).
  • Add some rubber door gasket to the camer mounting dampen any vibrations, etc (white on the picture).
  • Mount the camera onto the bracket using velcro
  • Mount the acrylic with the camera assembly instead of the lens in the worklight
  • Screw back the cover and mount the light back in place.

The final product provides nearly perfect light without any shadows down onto the surface which is being recorded/photographed as well as a stable 8MP camera with good optics.


This setup is proving priceless in the days of quarantine and self-isolation.

You setup a chatroom per lesson with the following participants:

  1. Teacher
  2. Student
  3. Rig - either a second account for the student or just give the rig an account.

As a result the teacher can see everything the student is doing which works even for things that are very hard to get remotely like art.

I now have a queue of requests to make more of these.