Drill, baby drill

After yet another hot summer I have bitten the bullet and bought two aircons. They are, however, not the usual UK models, but what is used nowdays in Italy - monoblocks.

  • you do not need to deal with the aircon guy and there is nothing on the outside so no planning issues.
  • you are limited to where you can put it - it must be on an outside wall only (though that is a requirement for most units without a condensate pump
  • You need to drill two 160mm holes for an air intake and an air exhaust. While the default setup is not to protect them in any way, I also put storm covers on them similar ones people use for the air bricks.
  • You need to rearrange radiators and pipework so there is enough space to put it under the window.

So all in all some drilling and plumbing is in order.

Funny - I am doing this while expecting a severe winter.